Big Roy took a polygraph

And he says it shows he totally did not harass anyone. I’m sure if he brings the results to the mall, they will let him back in to Forever 21. But unfortunately for Roy, even though he hasn’t conceded, the fine folks in Alabama have certified the election for Doug Jones.

Remember that Iowa kid with two moms? The one who schooled the Iowa legislature on equality…His name is Zach Wahls and he is now running for the State Senate. From NBC News: ““This is an all-hands-on-deck moment that will determine the future of our state for generations to come, and I feel responsible for doing my part,” Wahls said in the statement published Thursday. “Our state has a choice to make. Are we going to let Republicans continue their attacks on healthcare, education, and workers’ rights or are we going to stand and fight for the values that have defined this state for hundreds of years?”

The only thing holding us back from a Mitt Romney comeback is Senator Orrin Hatch. The Hill reports Hatch is still deciding if he will run for reelection. If he doesn’t run, Mitt Romney will probably be the next Senator from Utah. And Trump would hate that. It is amazing how Trump continues to make people like George W. Bush, Romney and Ted Cruz look better in comparison. Well, ok, not Ted Cruz.

Politico reports that Tom Steyer’s impeach Trump drive now has almost 4 million signatures. Even if it doesn’t result in Trump’s impeachment, Steyer now has an incredibly valuable email list. Time is growing short for him to run for Governor this year….I think he is looking at running for President in 2020.

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18 interactions between Trump campaign and Russia

Well this Reuters story sure seems to contradict Trump’s statement:

“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know — there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity,” Trump said in the statement. “I look forward to this matter concluding quickly. In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country.”

Reuters states that fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was in contact with the Kremlin during the campaign. Even other Republicans think it was a bizarre rate of contact:

“It’s rare to have that many phone calls to foreign officials, especially to a country we consider an adversary or a hostile power,” Richard Armitage, a Republican and former deputy Secretary of State.

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Four possibilities 

McKay Coppins lays out four scenarios for the Trump Presidency. I think the most likely one is that he resigns.

In an unusually candid interview with Reuters last month, Trump celebrated his first 100 days in office by indulging in a moment of wistfulness. “I loved my previous life,” he said. “I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

The quote seemed to confirm what every other pathos-laden inside-the-White-House dispatch has suggested: Trump is having a miserable time as president.

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Trump goes overseas

Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. He has proclaimed “Islam hates us” so I’m sure the Saudis are excited for him to visit. And he apparently leaked Israeli intelligence to the Russians so that should be fun. Trump called Pope Francis “disgraceful” last year.

But according to NPR: “His message is going to be about unity,” said U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Don’t underestimate Trump’s ability to unify foreign countries and governments…against us.

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You have to read the whole damn thing

No excerpt- you should read the whole Atlantic article about the chain of events over the past 10 days. It is a stunning and surreal recap of how Trump has…. well, basically done an insane number (even for him) of things in such a short time…. I’m off to find a bottle of gin.

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What was Comey’s obligation?

According to MSNBC, Comey wrote the memo about Trump obstructing the investigation of Flynn back on February 14 (Valentine’s Day- how cute). What exactly was he planning to do with the memo? Just hang on to it in case he got fired? Why didn’t he go public earlier? Comey isn’t exactly looking heroic in this thing either.

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Putin defends Trump

Not surprising since he worked so hard to elect Trump, but Putin is sticking up for the embattled President. Vladimir assures us that Trump did not disclose secret intelligence to Russian diplomats according to Reuters. If you can’t trust the former head of the KGB about things like this, who can you trust?

“I spoke to him (Lavrov) today,” said Putin with a smile. “I’ll be forced to issue him with a reprimand because he did not share these secrets with us. Not with me, nor with representatives of Russia’s intelligence services. It was very bad of him.”

That Vladimir is a funny guy.

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