Worst way imaginable to say goodbye- 2020

Things were so depressing at Mar-a-Lago that even Donald Trump skipped the party. In addition to a complimentary case of Covid, guests were able to mingle with Rudy, Don. Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Vanilla Ice.

We are past the point where you could say it is shocking that in the middle of a pandemic they’d have an event like this. Nobody is surprised, nobody is shocked that the President’s family hosted yet another super spreader event at their family property. Maybe they just figured everyone at the event has already been exposed to Covid, so why not throw a party?

It is just a reminder, that in the dying days of his Presidency, Trump has not learned, has not grown. When the moment met the man, the man failed. He has failed more spectacularly than any President in history. The last full month of his Presidency resulted in 2 million Americans being vaccinated instead of the promised 20 million- so much for Operation Warp Speed.

Trump isn’t even trying to pretend he is interested in battling the pandemic at this point. He just tweets nonsense about how the election was stolen and that members of the GOP have betrayed him. Nineteen more days until this awful Presidency is finally over.

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