Impeach him. Again. Immediately.

This might be the saddest day in history for American democracy. The President of the United States has attempted a coup by inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol. They attacked law enforcement agents. A woman has died. And Trump is unrepentant and continues to fan the flames of insanity.

Confederate flags were waved in the US Capitol. Members of Congress feared for their lives and barricaded themselves in their offices. Terrorists took over the floor of Congress and invaded the office of the Speaker of the House.

This is not normal. This is not OK. There are not good people on both sides of this issue. It is disgusting, it is abhorrent and it is undemocratic.

Cruz, Rubio, McConnell, Graham, Pence, Hawley and all the rest- blood is on their hands. Their fake words and actions today cannot save their place in history- they own this. The Republican Party sold their souls on behalf of the most craven and vile President in history.

Trump has no honor and no decency. He does not care about himself- he cares about himself- always and forever.

Trump needs to be impeached. Immediately.

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