Open letter to MDEA

Dear Anita, Dan and Linda,

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the teachers of MDUSD. I’m sure that you are as delighted as I am to see so many of our wonderful teachers and school staff receiving the Covid vaccine in recent days. 

My hope and optimism is muted by the fact that MDEA appears to have taken an uncompromising position around the health metrics required to return students to the classroom. MDEA’s seeming intransigence on this issue would make it impossible for students to return to MDUSD classrooms this calendar year and perhaps not until 2023 or 2024. 

In particular, it is item #3 in MDEA’s Resolution on a Path to Reopening that I am struggling to comprehend: Fewer than seven new cases per day per 100,000 people for 21 consecutive days in each of the following communities: Bay Point, Clayton, Concord, Martinez, Pacheco, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek.

Seemingly this would mean that if a single resident of a city with a population below 14,000 residents (such as Pachecho or Clayton) tested positive for Covid during a 21 day period, then all MDUSD campuses would remain closed to students.

This leads me to several questions.

1.  Am I understanding this correctly?

2. If I am correct, why is MDEA negotiating with the District about students returning when there is no conceivable way that this requirement would allow them to return? 

3. How did MDEA develop this criteria? 

4.  Which medical experts or organizations did MDEA rely upon to create the proposed criteria?

5. If MDUSD teachers will not be back in the classroom in 2021, what is the rationale for prioritizing them for vaccination? 

I thank you in advance for consideration of my questions. Since these are questions that many families are asking, please consider your response to be for public consumption.

Best regards,

Brian Lawrence

MDUSD Parent and former MDUSD Board President

6 thoughts on “Open letter to MDEA

  1. sfbaypsychiatry

    Brian this is amazing. I’m really impressed. If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend watching the webinar put on by Stanford and UCSF doctors updating on Covid and schools. It basically dashes every MDEA demand to pieces. Really great stuff.


  2. Juanita Tibbs

    Brian, I fear for you and those you lead. You sound highly uneducated on Co-vid 19 and I urge you to enter a local hospital, mask up and get a clue. Either you’re worried for your job or want to throw precious teachers under the bus as they say. I cannot imagine opening the schools until all protocol is met, vaccines, ventilation and hvac repair or upgrades are done. You seriously need to rethink what you wrote in your letter…there are classrooms that you can’t even open up the windows on several campuses. My goodness


  3. Rich

    Wow Juanita Tibbs!
    It is you that needs to be educated! It’s COVID-19 genius!
    If you’re that scared of Covid, lock yourself in your house, wear two masks while driving alone, and keep ignoring the science and the incredibly terrible impact distance learning is having on our kids!

    YOU are part of the problem!



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