Women of color

I’m fortunate to have had an array of intelligent, charismatic guests join me on the NoJibberJabber podcast. I’ve learned something in every single one of the conversations and I’m grateful that my guests have taken the time to talk with me. I’m certainly not a trained journalist and my goal is not to blindside people with belligerent questions. I attempt to find common ground with people even when we have broader ideological disagreements. Generally the response from listeners and viewers is appreciative and understanding of my approach.

Except when it comes to women of color.

The response to them has been different. It has been appalling. It has been eye-opening.

MDUSD Board Member Keisha Nzewi and SFUSD Board President Gabriela Lopez in particular stirred up some disgusting reactions. I’ve never met either of them in person, but they were both warm, charming, thoughtful and confident.

They both made me think deeper about issues and challenge my own assumptions. President Lopez and I talked about the SF renaming their schools. I don’t think the timing is great and maybe naming them after people in general is a bad idea. I do think Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest Presidents…but I’m open to hearing a different perspective about his legacy.

Trustee Nzewi has major concerns about returning students of color to campus. I think it is really important to get those kids back in school because of the learning loss that they have suffered. But I live in an affluent, largely white suburban neighborhood and have a lot of affluent, white male friends. Seems like a good idea for me to consider different perspectives.

Here we are in 2021 and strong women of color sure do seem to scare a few people. That says a lot more about the people who are scared then it does about the women who scare them.

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