Like the Wolf said in Pulp Fiction

Let’s not get too busy congratulating ourselves (paraphrasing). Yesterday was a triumphant and joyous day for many of us….but there is still a lot of shit that needs to be fixed in this country and Joe Biden isn’t doing it alone.

Our beautiful country has its flaws….and it is important that we examine them or else they never get fixed. The Trump years brought many awful things to the surface, but many of them existed long before him. There are too many voices that have gone unheard and that is part of why our country is so fragmented.

Today’s conversation is with Willie Mims- Education Chair of the NAACP in East Contra Costa. Titles really don’t do Willie justice- he is an activist who makes a lot of public officials very nervous. Willie shows up and speaks up at meetings all over the place- he is a force to be reckoned with. I was on the receiving end of a few very pointed comments from him during my term on the MDUSD Board. But I always knew he was worth listening to because I always learn from him.

It was fascinating to hear Willie weigh in on things like statehood for DC and was Lincoln a good President.

If you prefer, check it out as a podcast.

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