The speech Trump never gave

“My fellow Americans,

We are under attack. We are facing an enemy that we cannot see but it is an enemy nonetheless. Covid 19 poses a threat to our great nation- to our way of life, to our economy, to the health of our citizens. But just like our country came together after 9/11, like our country came together after Pearl Harbor, we are going to come together and defeat this enemy.

This is not a fight that any American or any American state will have to wage alone- we are in this together, as the United States of America. We are going to use every resource of our great and powerful country to battle against Covid 19.

Every American will play a role in helping us win. We are going to follow the advice of our medical experts to help us defeat Covid as quickly as possible. That means wearing a mask. Stay physically distant whenever possible. Wash your hands. Simple things that every American can do. It is our patriotic duty to protect each other and to protect our country.

There are going to be some difficult actions that we must take. In order to stop the virus from spreading, there will be a need to shut down parts of our economy and areas of our country where there are hotspots. We will do this quickly and we do this decisively so that we can make these shutdowns as short as possible.

For the businesses and for the employees that are shut down, you will have the full support of the American government. We will pass an economic package to protect the businesses, the workers and the families that are impacted. You will also be supported medically- the testing and treatment of Covid will be fully paid for by the federal government.

The federal government will be coordinating with every state in the Union to make sure they have every resource they need. This is not a threat to Republican states or Democratic states- it is a threat to the United States.

We are investing massive resources into giving us the tools to win. That means PPE, masks and testing- we will do whatever it takes to protect our country. I am using my powers under the Defense Production Act to make sure we have the speedy delivery of testing and then a vaccine.

The road ahead will be challenging but we will get through this together as Americans. Thank you and God Bless America. “

Regardless of party, I can imagine every recent President (Ford, Carter, Reagan, either Bush, Clinton, Obama) giving a similar speech. Americans were ready for that speech and most would have rallied behind it. Lives would have been saved. Fewer businesses would have been lost. More Americans would be employed. Our kids would be back in school. And Trump very well might have won reelection.

But Trump never gave anything like this speech. He was too busy pretending that the virus was nothing to worry about and that he had everything under control. Trump leaves a legacy of failure and it is why he will go down in history as our worst American President.

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