What we know about MDUSD reopening

We know that millions of US school children, from Alaska to Florida, from Hawaii to Maine, have returned to the classroom.

We know that there is overwhelming support from medical officials and organizations for returning to children to the classroom.

We know that there is now a vast amount of scientific data suggesting that reopening school campuses can be done very safely.

We know that not a single person under the age of 18 has died from Covid in Contra Costa County (over one million people).

We know that every employee of MDUSD has had the opportunity to receive at least the first dose of the vaccine.

We know that with the first shot of the vaccine there is a high degree of efficacy almost immediately.

We know that MDUSD has spent millions of dollars on acquiring PPE, upgrading ventilation and improving facilities.

We know that waiting for the eradication of Covid or waiting for every piece of equipment in the MDUSD to be upgraded would be measured in years.

We know that thousands of employees and families are prepared to do everything possible to make sure that teachers, staff and students are safe when they return.

We know that California has been one of the slowest states to return students to the classroom.

We know that MDUSD has proposed an incredibly conservative (and too conservative for many of us) plan that has a small number of students alternating days for two hours per day. That is literally the most conservative reopening plan that can be found in California and probably the nation.

We know that many teachers have been working harder than ever and have done every thing they could to make Zoom learning work. A large number of those teachers want to be back in the classroom with their students.

We know that MDUSD students have been out of their classrooms for one year and that it is negatively impacting many of them.

We know the mission of public education is to do what is best for students.

We know that it is time to get them safely back in the classrooms.

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