Trump- make up your mind

Trump has stated that Governors were responsible for shutting down states and that they are on their own for getting ventilators, but somehow he is the great decider on reopening the economy. NBC reports Texas Governor Abbott saying he wants to reopen part of the state, but Trump saying that authority resides with Trump himself. Thankfully, no one seems to think it would be a good idea to let Lt. Gov Dan Patrick decide anything- he’s the guy who suggested old people should be willing to die so we could get back to work.

Trump is also predicting a massive boom once the economy reopens…but this is as likely as his prediction that we’d have reopened the country by Easter. NY Times looks at what a slow and painful reopening of the economy will look like:

The evidence suggests it is not just stay-at-home orders and other government restrictions that have chilled economic activity in the United States over the past month: It is also a behavioral response from workers and consumers scared of contracting the virus.

Data shows that unemployment claims rose and restaurant reservations vanished even before the lockdown orders hit, as nervous consumers retreated into their homes. And they show consumers are unlikely to return to airports, restaurants and sporting venues en masse any time soon.

Families of many of the people dying in NYC aren’t able to afford a burial. NPR talked to Queens Councilman Francisco Moya:

“They’re the ones that are delivering our food while, you know, we’re safe inside. They’re the ones that are manning the cash registers and stocking the aisles in our supermarkets,” he said in an interview Saturday with NPR’s All Things Considered. “They’ve been thrown into being this kind of front line support that has been keeping the city alive as we go through this process.”

Moya says that 1,700 of his constituents have already died from the virus, but many in his district have been unable to bury their loved ones because they either lack the money to cover the costs, or the immigration status required for burial assistance.

Lots of good stuff in The Atlantic. Biden already had a first hand look at pulling the nation  out of a massive recession in 2009. But in overseeing the 2009 Recovery Act as Barack Obama’s vice president, Biden shepherded an effort now seen as an effective and remarkably fraud-free response to the financial crisis, even if it won little praise or political credit at the time. If Biden has the good—or bad—luck to win the presidency in November, his first task will be to perform an encore on an even more daunting scale.

London Breed deserves a lot of credit for seeing the corona threat earlier, prepping San Francisco and shutting the city down quickly- De Blasio certainly didn’t handle it as well to start.  According to ABC News, 21 NYC public school teachers have now dies from the coronavirus- absolutely awful.

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