Ron Brownstein on 2018 being a referendum on Trump has this interesting tidbit: “In last month’s CNN poll, 84% of Trump approvers said they intended to vote Republican for Congress, while 83% of Trump disapprovers said they intended to vote Democratic.”  Combine that with Trump’s 15-20 net disapproval rating, and the math looks promising for a 2018 wave.

Samantha Micelli- more important now than ever- Alyssa Milano’s tweet thread on people running for office has some cool candidates:


Reminded me of this article from the co-founder of Run for Something on why Dems need to run everywhere in 2018: “We didn’t know that a young lesbian schoolteacher in Oklahoma would win a special election by 31 votes, flipping a state senate seat in a district Trump had won by 40 points. We didn’t predict that 15,000 people would find their voice and sign up with us to run for office since inauguration day. And we certainly didn’t predict that two transgender women would win groundbreaking elections in 2017, that a proud Sikh man would be elected mayor of Hoboken, or that the amount of women contacting Emily’s List to run would increase 22 times this year. “

Good perspective from a LA Times editorial on how the 2018 election can block Trump…but let’s be aware of the long-lasting damage he has already done: “Even if Gorsuch is Trump’s only Supreme Court nomination, Trump is getting federal judges confirmed at a record rate. He’s packing the lower courts with young, reactionary and, in some cases, comically unqualified judges who will affect American jurisprudence for the worse.”

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is thinking about running for President in 2020. No Mayor has ever directly won the Presidency, but 2016 proved that old rules don’t matter.

And Elizabeth Warren is gearing up for a possible 2020 run according to this Politico article. It would certainly help her if Bernie Sanders did not run against her: And while the Vermont senator may still run for president again, he and Warren have recently teamed up for a series of videos and a New York Times op-ed of their own blasting the GOP agenda on Capitol Hill.If there was any political tension between the two, it hasn’t translated to the screen.

After filming one of the December videos, on the federal budget, Sanders posted a photo on Instagram of the pair smiling.

“Today I had a chat with my favorite senator,” he wrote. “Elizabeth Warren.”


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