Vinnie from Jersey Shore explains climate change to Trump

Let’s be thankful we have scientifically knowledgeable reality stars like Vinnie to explain things to Trump:


As Vinnie explains: “I think climate change is more complex than global warming will make it hotter. It has to do with disruptions of atmospheric conditions,ocean patterns, jet streams and shit like that”

Perhaps later Ronnie can help school Trump on international relations.

Ronnie Magro

Climate change is real- even the sharks are being impacted, according to the NY Times. Not even laser beams are able to save them.

Perhaps Trump is immune to the cold thanks to his diet of burgers and sodas, as reported by Newsweek.  Of course Trump’s doctor, who sounds like he got his medical degree from Trump University, stated: “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

How did Democrats win the Senate seat in Alabama? It sure helped that the Republicans nominated a nut-wing pedophile. But, as Buzz Feed points out, Democrats were able to mobilize black voters who overwhelmingly supported Doug Jones. It is a pretty simple blueprint for future elections- if lots of people vote, Democrats will win.

Howard Dean shared that old Dems need to make way for the next generation

“I think my generation needs to get the hell out of politics. Start coaching and start moving up this next generation who are more … fiscally sane,” Dean continued. “Neither Republicans or Democrats can claim they are fiscally responsible anymore.”

Speaking of those Old Dems, Newsweek profiles Uncle Joe and his possible 2020 run. If you want a reminder as to why Biden would be a formidable candidate, watch this clip of him with John McCain’s daughter.

The GOP tax bill contains a special provision for the wealthy that would allow them to donate to private scholarships in 10 states (overwhelmingly Red states) and then receive a massive tax break. From NPR: “The new top federal income tax bracket is 37 percent. That means, in total, the South Carolina donor could get back $1.37 million in exchange for $1 million, ITEP calculates. That is a better risk-free return on investment than you’re likely to find anywhere.” Trump and the GOP have managed to give massive breaks to billionaires, corporations and Red states while screwing the middle class and Blue states. Guess they know how to deliver for their base.

NPR also has an article on NY Sen Kirsten Gillibrand. She has been a vocal advocate for addressing sexual assault in the military and is now a leader on how Congress polices itself on assault and harassment issues. The current setup is atrocious and mind-boggling: She sponsored a bill changing the way Congress processes and responds to harassment complaints. “The way [reporting] is set up in Congress is so horrible,” she says. “I mean, it is literally designed to protect perpetrators and to make sure people really don’t come forward.”

If the Dems regain the Senate in 2018, it will be helpful if Republicans bloody each other up in the primaries (see Alabama with Luther Strange versus Big Roy Moore). It would be a massive long-shot for Democrats to win a seat in Mississippi, but it would be fun to watch arch-conservative Chris McDaniel tear in to incumbent Senator Roger Wicker. According to WaPo, he is gearing up to run.

A much more likely pick-up for Democrats would be in Arizona. Senator Jeff Flake is retiring this year and so that will be an open seat. John McCain’s health raises the possibility that his seat might become open as well….and apparently certain Republicans are already aiming to take his spot.

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