Chipping away at women’s right to choose

Trump stated in the election that women who have abortions deserve to be punished. Nobody thinks abortions are a good thing, but a majority of Americans consistently support women’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies. Therefore the Republicans are trying to curtail women’s access instead of trying to outlaw abortion outright.

Federal funds to Planned Parenthood are NOT used for abortions, but Emily Bazelton writes about the backdoor attempt to get Planned Parenthood to stop offering them at all. 

“Making women scramble to find abortion services has become an increasingly common tactic by abortion opponents. In the last several years, red state after red state passed laws that wrapped abortion providers in red tape, with the purported goal of protecting women by making the procedure safer but with the real purpose of closing clinics. And that’s what was happening, at least until the Supreme Court struck down a set of restrictions enacted in Texas in 2013. “It is beyond rational belief” that the Texas abortion regulations “could genuinely protect the health of women,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in a concurrence.”

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